Jeff Adams and Investing in Foreclosed Properties

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Real Estate
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According to Jeff Adams, investing in foreclosure is one of the profitable niches for those who want to make a lot of money in their real estate investing. Foreclosed realty makes up a variety of properties like vacant land, residential properties and commercial real estate.

When buying foreclosure real estate, it’s important for investors to be financially ready to invest in the repairs and renovation needed in order for the property to be restored into its salable condition. Even though foreclosed properties have lower market value, properties that need substantial repair can deplete the equity of the home.

Investors should engage in due diligence by making reviews of the comparable sales report as well as obtaining home inspection, appraisal of property and estimate cost of repair to determine the real worth of buying foreclosed properties. There’s a variety of options available in location foreclosed properties at low market value. The most popular one is to go to public foreclosure auctions. These properties are exhibited by way of auction and are sold in as-is problem. Buyers will have to bid and once their bid is accepted, they must be ready to prepare submitting the complete payment in 24 hours. Once the realty is transferred, property owners become responsible to remove tax liens and to do necessary repairs.

An additional way of finding foreclosed properties is quick sale properties. Jeff Adams real estate also lets investors know about short sales in which the lender will agree to accept less than the quantity owed on the property loan. These properties are listed through the realtors or directly sold through the bank. The method of quick sale can be lengthy and complicated and it could take more than four months to complete it. Customers should get pre-qualified financing before they submit an offer. It’s important to take note though that banks are rarely accepting offers that are decrease than the asking price, unless there are main problems revealed throughout the property inspections.

Short sale properties can give investors with profitable deal but this may not be the best option for investors who join in flipping houses or plan to make use of the property to earn income through rents. Purchasers who are willing to wait for the procedure can purchase the properties that are 10 to 20% lower than the appraised value.

There’s another way of getting foreclosure properties of the best prices and that is by seeking out private investors which are specializing in wholesale. Investors and investment groups acquire whole bank portfolios that make up dozens of bank owned foreclosure properties.

In most Jeff Adams review, investing in foreclosed properties can help investors make profitable investments.

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